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Symbol: CCT

Cyber Credit Natural Resources Group

Invest in a fully managed copper mine with smart mining technologies, together with the aid of artificial intelligence, the overall mining process will be safe, cost effective and easy to manage. This will contribute substantially to the financial side of the business, and is an edge of the Group compared to other players in the industry.

Raising: $3,000,000 USD


Symbol: AGWD

Flourish City Development Limited

Flourish City Development (“FCD”) is the leading plantation owner, developer and producer of OUD oil and related products. It is leveraging advanced biotechnology and farming techniques to significantly increase the success and yield in the delicate inoculation process versus traditional methods.

Raising: $3,000,000 USD (Completed)


Upcoming STO

HCS Whiskey Fund

HCS is the first blockchain enabled rare Whisky Investment Fund led by the legendary Howard Cai, whisky expert, top chef, and international food judge. Rare Whisky 101 index APEX 1000 indicates that Whisky as an alternative investment class outperforms traditional investments like gold, stocks and wine by a significant margin.

Fund Size: $25M USD

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