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Create and Customise your Security Token Template

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No matter which underlying asset type you wish to tokenise, our issuance platform will have just the right template for you. All of our token templates have been formally verified by third-party security experts.


Enhance transparency with Token KVPs

Encode offering details and memorandum with token Key Value Pairs (KVPs). All encoded information will be publicly available and verifiable on the blockchain ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


Interact with your Security Token in Real-time

Our Issuance Platform interface grants issuers and transfer agents the power to interact with smart contracts in real-time. This ensure token ownerships and transfers will be compliant. All done on the blockchain level, interaction includes:

  • Token transfers
  • Token minting and burning
  • Pause or resume all token transactions


Captable management on the blockchian

Issue tokens and manage all your equity in one place without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and paperwork. Join the platform trusted by issuers, investors, and regulators.

Investor Portal

Battle-Tested Primary Offering and Secondary Trading Platform

A secure, stable web-based solution that safeguards all digital exchange data by layered architecture providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets. Fully customizable offering profiles and more.



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